eLanguage Culture Resources

Explore Australia or read a French newspaper without leaving the house. Our culture section is designed to connect you with authentic materials from the country of your choice.


Destination Argentina
  Breezy overview of Argentina today, indexed, with links and a slideshow.


Australian Tourist Commission
  Official Australian tourism site.

Australian Virtual Library
  A resource of all things Australian including academics, business, government, and electronic publishing.


  Travel and other information about Austria provided by the Austrian Embassy in Washington D.C., USA.

Austrian Recipes
  A collection of recipes from Austria.

Yodeling Course
 Earn your "certificate of yodeling" in 5 easy lessons.


All About Belgium
  A link to many Belgian sites.

Belgian Beers
 Multimedia guide to tasty Belgian brews.


 Home of Brazilian culture on the Web.


Canadian Recipes
 A huge collection of authentic Canadian recipes.

Canadian Tourism Commission
 Detailed travel guide of Canada (in English and French).

Central America

Central America
 Vacation planning, travel tips, and factual data for each country in this region.


All About France
 A link to sites about France.

American Association of Teachers of French
 This educational organization is interested in promoting the teaching of the French language and culture.

French Recipes
 An extensive collection of authentic French recipes.

French Travel Gallery
 Provides travel information and regional maps of France (in French and English).

French Wines
 Everything you need to know about regions, grapes, history, starting a cellar, which glass to use, etc.


 American Association of Teachers of German.

German Beer Page
 The German beer page includes bier chat, bier forums, bier reviews, etc.

German Life
 Magazine featuring the diversity of German culture, past and present.

German National Tourist Board
 General and regional travel information about Germany. (In English.)

The German Page
 From the University of Heidelberg, Germany. History is broken down by epoch, field, region, etc. (In English.)

German Recipes
 A huge collection of authentic German recipes.

Street German
 Slang, idioms, music lyrics, commands for dog training, etc.

Great Britain

Guide to Britain
 The Official Tourist Authority site. Information about England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

UK Travel Guide
 Traveling the United Kingdom.

Visiting Britain
 Guide to Britain.


Let’s Roam Italy-Italian Culture
 Learn about Italian culture, visit the virtual Italian Art Gallery, tour the virtual Italian Science Museum, learn about Italian Music, and more.


La Herencia
 La Herencia, The Heritage, focuses on the Hispanic culture north of Mexico. Consists of oral history, Spanish language and Southwestern literature, book reviews, recipes, poetry, myths, and other forms of Mexican and Spanish folklore. This publication is included in many bilingual school curriculums.

Mayan Art
 A museum and gallery of Mayan art.

Mexican Dance
 Mexican folkloric provides a newsletter, and listings of events and dances.

Mexico On-line
 This page includes the latest news, business, culture, history, shopping, real estate, and travel.

Mexican Recipes
 A huge collection of Mexican recipes.

Mexico Travel Information
 "Go2Mexico" offers moneysaving travel tips and vacation planning resources.

Yucatan Web
 A travel and cultural guide to Mexico's Caribbean Coast and Yucatán Peninsula.

New Zealand

New Zealand Tourism Board
 Official New Zealand tourism site.

New Zealand Virtual Tour
 Virtual tour displaying the beauty of the New Zealand Islands.

Puerto Rico

Welcome To Puerto Rico!
 Within these pages you can find a wide scope of information pertaining to the island, its culture and people, and every detail that makes Puerto Rico a magnificent and unique island.


All about Russia
 The largest searchable collection of reference information about Russia, CIS and the former USSR countries online. Russian news, politics, economics, business, legislation, culture.

South America

Andean Culture
 Provides reference links regarding the life and culture of the Andes Mountains.

South American Explorer's Club
 The "Last Frontiers" site features ecotourism and sports adventures.

South American Travel Guide
 Provides up-to-date information on travel discounts, trip planning, and overall travel conditions.


 American Association of Teachers of Spanish.

Cyber Spain
 Offers a huge journey through Spain, its culture, traditions, and landscapes. (English)

Go Spain
 A searchable directory of selective Spain-related resources. (English)

Recipes from Spain
 An extensive collection of authentic Spanish recipes (many paella).

Tourist Office of Spain
 The official Spanish Government’s Ministry of Tourism site. (English)

Tu Spain
 Provides articles and features about business, travel, history, arts, and leisure. (English)


All About Switzerland
 A link to many Swiss sites.

Swiss Tourism
 General and regional travel information about Switzerland. (Multilingual)

United States of America

Better Homes and Gardens
 Popular women’s magazine featuring health, family, travel, home decorating, and recipes.

 Features news about the entertainment industry.

The Library of Congress National Digital Library Program (NDLP)
 Visit the Smithsonian Institute's collection of portraits of famous Americans that shaped the history and culture of the United States. Also includes stories on historical events based on portraits.

The Sporting News
 Network of over 150 correspondents, real time chat rooms, and over 110 years of archived Sporting News history.

U.S. News Online
 A popular news source including current news, politics, education, medical information, financial information, sports, and more.

Wall Street Journal
 Famous U.S. business-news publication. Features business and consumer information on finance, investments, and the economy as well as current events. Now available in European and Asian versions.


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