eLanguage References on the Web: Radio

Turn your room into a Parisian discotheque. Well, not exactly. But we have taken the liberty of finding cool stations in English, French, German and Spanish. Listen to them to improve your vocabulary, accent, bourrée or merengue.


BBC Online
  Homepage of the BBC providing news, weather, and other information in text, audio, and video formats.

BBC World Service
  Homepage of the BBC World Service radio containing text and audio files of news and other information.

 Cable News Network.

MIT List of Radio Stations
  The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet (includes a variety of countries and languages—African, Asian, Middle Eastern, US, and European).

Voice of America
  Homepage of VOA containing audio files of broadcasts in a variety of formats and 28 languages, including English.


Radio Canada
  Radio Canada provides video and audio of current television and radio programs.

Radio France
  Radio France contains audio of current programs in RealAudio format.


Deutsche Welle
  German radio broadcasts translated into 35 languages, and German television broadcasts.

German Language Radio
  Radio web sites: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg.

Radio Belge
  Homepage of the Belgian radio and television broadcaster.

Radio Suisse Romande
  RealAudio programming originating in Switzerland


BBC in Spanish
  Homepage for the Spanish language service of the BBC, contains news and other information in text and audio format.

CNN in Spanish
  Homepage of CNN in Spanish, provides news and other information with some in audio and video formats.

  Web site of a Spanish network that contains programming information and some video segments in RealVideo format.

  The latest scoop on all the soap operas of Latin America.


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