eLanguage Reference Guide

Need a good dictionary? Reliable reference materials are a must for mastering your new language. Use our list of sites to define and translate unfamiliar vocabulary. We’ve also included a section that will allow you to explore the lighter side of language learning.


  Online dictionary in Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, and English.

Language Dictionaries
 A web of online dictionaries (everything you could want and then some).

  Look up words in several languages.


Babel Fish
  A handy, online translator that can translate blocks of text from one language to another.

Fun with Language

Linguistic Fun
  Supplies a wide range of fun linguistic links.

  Foreign language and culture links.

Tongue Twisters
  A collection of tongue twisters in 61 languages.


Expedia Maps
  Get maps and atlases from Microsoft's® newest edition of Encarta Encyclopedia™.

Perry Castañeda Library Map Collection
  From the University of Texas; political, relief, and historical world maps.


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