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Digital River Launches E-Commerce Operations for eLanguage; Supports Online Sales of Award-Winning Learn to Speak Software

Digital River, Inc. (NASDAQ:DRIV), a global leader in e-commerce outsourcing, today announced that it is providing e-commerce services for eLanguage, LLC, a leading developer of language learning products. Digital River is managing the online sale, marketing and physical delivery of eLanguage's Passport to 35 Languages software as well as its award-winning Learn to Speak(TM) software suite. The software titles are being sold at www.elanguage.com in an online store built and hosted by Digital River.

"Based on more than a decade of experience helping thousands of publishers, manufacturers and retailers launch e-commerce operations, we advise our clients on how to open new online sales channels as well as effectively promote and sell their products," said Don Peterson, Digital River's senior vice president of global client development. "We plan to leverage our marketing services and world-class e-commerce infrastructure to help eLanguage expand its sales opportunities by selling Learn to Speak direct to consumers for the first time."

The new eLanguage online store features Passport to 35 Languages, software that provides a beginner course to learning Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew and Italian as well as 31 other languages. The site also offers eLanguage's flagship Learn to Speak Deluxe products, market-leading software titles for 15 years. The Learn to Speak products were designed by language experts to quickly teach English, French, German and Spanish using a building-block approach. Digital River launched the online store to draw on the popularity and strong brand presence that Learn to Speak has established in brick-and-mortar retail stores. In addition to powering the branded online store, Digital River is processing order transactions as well as providing fraud screening and customer service support.

"Digital River's revenue-share model presented us with an attractive option because it assures that both companies' business goals are closely aligned. The company is truly focused on helping us grow our online business," said eLanguage's founder, Joe Roberts. "To help drive our sales and increase our product exposure, we are not only planning to capitalize on Digital River's marketing services and personal account management, but also managing co-marketing partnerships with some of its other clients. The fact that we were able to find a single provider that offered a truly end-to-end e-commerce solution is a significant plus for our company."


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